Why choose from our III offices

Elite global heritage

1 - Cooperate with a team of professionals. We have brokers, analysts, marketers, lawyers and a skilled staff team who have been working for a number of years in the market where housing and commercial real estate is being conducted. Mellor Group specialists perfectly know the real estate business sphere and are able to guide clients with ease and precision in all parameters of housing and commercial facilities.

2 - Diminished risks. Working with a unique product such as a residential or commercial property, the Mellor Group has earned a high appraisal for its business reputation. To date, the company is carrying out projects, the total value of which exceeds 2 billion dollars. We guarantee our clients the fullest and most transparent services for buying / selling or renting real estate in the Greater Montreal area.

3 - No more wasting time. Our brokers not only carefully study all options and advise clients in detail on all emerging matters, but also have a professional staff team working in conjunction to support any ongoing issues/transactions.